September 21, 2017

Store Styling: Evil Panda

Seeing as the collection was (pathetically) small, rather than do a review, I decided to style this store -  using only items from Evil Panda which are in the plaza right now.

Since Evil Panda isn't my usual style, exactly, it was interesting to find out how many items from the store I actually adore. The main issue with doing these outfits was the lack of good bags, but the clothes themselves were plentiful and cute!

What's your favourite Evil Panda item?

30 Days : 20

I'm so late to post this - my computer wasn't uploading pictures to blogger for whatever reason. Went for this galaxy dress I snagged in the bazaar. A bit girly for my usual style, but not too shabby!

September 20, 2017

September 19, 2017

Review: Wild Candy Couture

I'm always excited when a starcoin-based store - or any amount of sc items, really - pop up in the starplaza. But this store is a disappointment and a half.

What I Hated:

Firstly, there's so few items. There's no bags whatsoever, and the single pair of earrings are from a previous collection - why even bother to include them? The shoes are appalling in so many ways, and will probably show up in one of my DUPES posts sometime soon. Previously, collections have had a large number of awesome accessories to go with the dresses. And when it comes to the dresses, well, those don't impress me either.

In regards to starcoin items, I'm not unhappy with having several in the same colour. But when you cancel out the doubles, there's truly only five new dresses here. That's appalling. Previous collections all have at least 8. The only thing I can think could possibly justify this is that, perhaps, there's a second floor coming? But since the previous collection is still in the plaza, that seems somewhat doubtful.

And, as Anouk pointed out on SMW - so many of these cover over the doll's hands! It makes it incredibly hard to layer them in any way, or to hold bags. There's ways to get around this - having a hole for one hand in front, or shaping them to the side - but they didn't bother here.


The prices. I'd like to rant on about them being expensive, but that's been the standard for WCC since it started. It's supposed to be luxury, for the poor non-ss members, so I can't be too mad at it. I'm just not happy, nor do I think I ever will be.

The graphics are a seriously mixed bag which, again, is the standard for WCC. So, again, I'm not surprised, and in all honesty they're really not that bad for starcoin items.

My Picks:

To show you how much I'm not a fan ... I have no picks this time. Nor am I styling any of the items. Perhaps if there's a second floor, but not right now, that's for sure.


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