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I actually filmed the making of this outfit, because I wanted to make a couple of "How To" video clips for an upcoming project.... well, it was upcoming, the bottom fell out of it, for the moment anyway.

Whatever happens, I'm still really into this look - and interior.

Ugly Duckling : March Madness Gift

We all love freebies - well, most of the time. Sometimes, they're almost too ugly to ever actually get put into use. I wanted to test this with some of the freebies I've gotten - and promptly stuck in the back of my wardrobe - over the years.

But first; the item:

Of course, there's no point improving on something before you know what you want to keep - or change. So here's my thoughts on this item:


  • Love the light blue colour
  • An unusual but subtle print
  • It's free
  • It's a dress
  • Has a high waist
  • Cute button up detail


  • Shading makes her stomach look round - or pregnant
  • It's not very textured, just "shiny"
  • I don't like the length of it
  • It's very round looking

The Styling:

One of the immediate issues with this item, was the fact that the bottom half was so wide and round. It immediately meant that I couldn't layer skinny or even just straight skirts of the top of it. The awkward length also stopped me from using shorter skirts.

Layering over the top had much the same effect - it was just too wide and bulky to anything fitted. The high waist also didn't work in it's favor for using longer tops.

The print is subtle enough that almost anything else looked fine with it, which meant finding the right items was more just an issue of fit. The colour and lack of texture were also helpful.


Cancelling Club Cycle

So, Spindla achieved the lowest score for the MONTH OF THE DOLL, having not been on task, in my club  THE_DOLL_HOUSE 's second cycle... which she then proceeded to complain about, spamming messages to myself and my admin Leigh, often including how she thought certain members should not have achieved as well as they did.

She brought up the idea of colorblindness which, in all fairness, is totally possible, but I've mentioned several times in the club that if you have an issue with the task, for any reason, to talk to us -  Leigh and I are more than happy to adjust it for you, or take the issue into account. But she only managed to bring it up long after the task had been completed, and a low score was had-  and also having had no issues with similar tasks in the past.

She also complained that the task was too hard. Well, we're half way through, and that's the point! It's not designed to be easy, if it were, then there would be no competition. She also accused us of not checking to see if it was possible. Ironic, since I had done the exact same task and colour requirements that she had, in the exemplars. So, maybe she is blind, or maybe she was too lazy to look. Who know.s

This in itself, I could have ignored, but she then proceeded to complain to other club members, AND create a discussion topic whining about how it was unfair of us to "delete her because [she] was upset".

She had actually been eliminated LONG BEFORE she started complaining about the scores. For two cycles now, it has always been the person with the lowest score who has been eliminated. The reasons for a low score may vary, but the final result is the same - you're out.

This is VERY OBVIOUS in our rules and task instructions - along with not being allowed to start discussion feeds or bully other members which, considering how much she continued to go on about how some users did not deserve the good scores they got, even if to me and no to them, I thought was highly inappropriate. But then I received THREE messages from club members saying she had been telling people to report me, because apparently she'd received a warning and thought I'd reported her. Honestly, I should have, but I didn't - and I'm not the only person in the club she's pissed off. Leigh and several other participating members were thoroughly insulted, which was made clear to me long before she started spamming.

So, she's now banned from my club, my account, and I beg of anyone considering her as an entrant to do the  same.

This is also not the first time I've had issues with her, which makes the fact of this happening feel very much my fault.

I have other issues in my private life right now that need my attention far more than this, so I'm cancelling the cycle, at least for the time being.

#trendregret - Part 3 - The Styling

If you haven't already, check out my last two posts - Part One and Part Two - about some of the unfortunate trends I've lived through (so far.)

There's going to be more on this theme over the coming weeks, since a lot of people have seemed to really like it! I'm going to tackle "attempted trends" and "internet fads", so make sure to subscribe and keep on visiting! You never know when - or what - I might post next.

Unfortunately, I only have the room - and time - to do a couple of these trends. But hopefully they give you some ideas about how to revive any of your own #trendregrets so they're a little less regrettable.

Crop Tops + Low Waist Pants

This was my personal least-favourite of the trends to try and update. Or maybe it's just my least favourite, period.

For my first attempt, I tried to create the illusion of a higher waist - as well as a more modern, street style vibe - by layering the tights beneath the low waist leggings. I also opted for legging pants instead of jeans, because I just don't own many low-waist jeans, and I wasn't going to buy more for just this one post.

I did end up using the classic low-waisted, flare-legged jean for the second outfit though. I tried to blend festival chic lace overlays and fringe bags with more of a grunge girl look. Not into it, but it took me far longer than it should have to get to this point.

Skirts & Dresses With Jeans:

I think we've established that I really need to re-review these for their current status. Because as far as I'm concerned, this is one trend already well redeemed. I totally took off the "flare" part of the title, but honestly, they're still completely on the table. I steered away from flares, not because they aren't in fashion - because they totally are - but because I just wanted to try bring in a slightly more current look, rather than re-creating how I would have styled it before.

I decided to do one very current, street-style inspired outfit, and a totally out there, rebellious-princess-Avril- outfit (I was in a weird mood at the time.)

Neon Outfits:

See how I took off the "all" part of this trend?

Personally, I couldn't do an all-neon look - it's just so far out from my own aesthetic that any attempts I made at it just looked terrible to me.

So in the end, I went down more of a "statement colour" route:

Jeggings aka "Skinny Jeans on Stardoll"

Serious bonus points have got to go to pixelated clothes, on the account that there's no real difference between skinny jeans and jeggings.

Seeing as skinny jeans are more like a staple item than a statement, I ended up making an all-starcoins look, for more of a challenge!

Which of these trends would you want to bring back? If any!

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