November 24, 2017

So.... I Crashed My Car

I've been very absent lately, sorry! Life has been super hectic - I have a 7 to 8 hour shift, depending on what we get done, I am also currently babysitting for a friend, as well as helping my lil sis with her exams... oh, yeah, and I crashed my car, no injuries, other than pride and paint. Fun times.

I've also had several Stardoll friends, and people I've been a fan of, leave recently. It's made it all that much harder to be online, knowing I'm not going to chat to them again - well, not via stardoll, anyway. Facebook is there, and emails, but it's not quite the same as it was.

For the moment, though, I'm absolutely planning to review the latest It Girls collection, and am super excited to see the Doll House cycle auditions are coming along well.

I'm also super curious as to see what trends are going to pop up as we head into the new season - for me, that's summer. I've spent some time cleaning out my wardrobe IRL and laughing at far too many bad purchases. My stardoll didn't fare too well either - see left, for a rather sad Summer outfit example. Oh, what on earth is going on with the bag? And the necklace... or everything?

Oh well. Be back soon :)

November 22, 2017

OOTD : Living Neutral

Black, white, and everything nice! There's nothing wrong with wearing neutral.
I wasn't feeling very well today so couldn't go to work, so I caught up with a bit of Meta Doll editing and MSW posts instead.

I Wear:
Bonjour Dizou Ruffle Sleece Crispy Blouse
It Girls Button Pinafore
PPQ Of Mayfair Satin Lace Trim Blouse
Cheap Monday Longer Skirt
Evil Panda Shoulder Slung Moto Jckt
Callie's Picks Black Lady Dior M
Callie's Picks Hilary Earrings
Vinyl Fishnet Black Socks
PPQ Of Mayfair Pointed Mules

Mannequin Wears:
Bonjour Dizou Hilary Dress
Velvet Orchid Net Victorian Blouse 
Nelly Platform Ankle Strap Pump
Bonjour Dizou Mock Shirt Collar Necklace

November 19, 2017

Review + Stylings : Pretty N Love

Super ridiculously late, seeing as I was busy with my sister's Graduation, and then moving house, and getting a new job.... but it's here nonetheless! This time, I did not divide it by pros and cons, because, well, there weren't and awful lot of pros.

It doesn't take much scrolling on the blog to realize - well, I don't exactly wear pink. So I can't exactly comment on the colour selection. 

What I can comment on, however, is the repetitive nature of this - and other recently released - collections. It strikes me as incredibly lazy to change the colour - not even to add a print or texture to even try and make them look like new pieces.

They're not "overpriced", I will give them that, but there's also nothing cheap here. Prices have gone up so much recently, that I almost forgot paying 270sc for a skirt should be horrifying.

And then - oh, no - those jackets. So disappointing they are! Not only are they incredibly flat, with minimal texture and shading - there's no back pieces! For a moment there, I thought stardoll had actually caught on to what had been one of man member's biggest gripes - the lack of removable back pieces on coats. But it seems, that issue has risen once again!

Even my favourite item - styled below - just isn't quite up to scratch. The stitching details are super cute, and the fluffy neckline, but the overall garment is just a bit too plastic looking, and the shading is all kinds of weird. How come the neckline is so cute, and the sleeves so "blegh"?

The only truly unique piece of this collection is the Lilac Embroidered Blouse, which I rather adore, despite looking a bit more "plastic" than "fabric". The details, at least, look lovely, and the colours are very nice for both a girly-girl and someone more like, well, myself.

November 18, 2017

Budget Trends #1 - ft. Leighways

Hey everyone! It's been ages since I last reviewed a trend - but I thought I'd take a loot back at some of my previous trend reviews and make some Under35 versions! My friend Leigh aka Leighways also provided some non-ss friendly, sc versions.

This is the first of several, so I hope you enjoy!

Cold Shoulders:

This is such a confusing trend for me - you can check out my review HERE - but I can't deny, it's gown on me, perhaps due to some of the very awesome Stardolls I've seen wearing it recently. 

Under 35:

In Starcoins:


Sheer is another trend I reviewed - and still rather like. There's just so many variations! There's lace, fishnet, regular sheer, and combos. It's classy and cute and edgy all at once.

Under 35:

In Starcoins:

November 17, 2017

New Job + New Cycle

I won't be online much next week as I have a new job! But don't worry - I have The Doll House club's third cycle open for auditions!

You can join the club HERE, or search the_dollhouse in clubs!

You can also check out our new blog - which will be filled with tips, trick,s, the prizes, cycle feedback and tasks. It's a nicer layout than the Weebly blog, which a lot of people had issues with navigating.Prizes: