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February 16, 2018


I'd previously struggled to style this dress, but ultimately, I'm very happy with how this turned out! It's an absolute statement of a look, and I'm always down for that.


Dress - Zombie V2 (Aylla Etter)
Bag - LauraLucy
Shoes - Voyage (Teck)

February 14, 2018

February 13, 2018

Review: Active

First of all... why are the words "women/woman" and "man" on everything. Just, why? Why do we need clothes to be gendered? Sure, they're shaped to fit one doll type of another, but plenty of us mix it up and wear the opposite. Why you gotta be so mean, stardoll? (Also, why do they say "women" on some and "woman" on others? Seriously, Stardoll, get your cat together.)

Anyway, for the items themselves I have rather mixed feelings.

What I Loved:

There's some shockingly good graphics going on in this collection. Active is usually known for being flat, textured and basic, and while some items definitely are, they're made up for by items like the Raincoat Women and the whole of the men's outfit.

Which of course is my next point  - yay, the guys have new clothes! And they're not black and basic, either. I can't say that I like the Outdoor Jacket per se, I'm just happy to see some nice graphics and new shapes on menswear.

The colours! There's a really nice range of greens and blues, which I just love. They're a little more usable than the earlier mismash, and actually make it look like a well put-together store.

My Picks:

Raincoat Women / Outdoor Jacket Man / Checker Shirt Woman

What I'm Unsure About:

This collection is a mix of summer, and winterwear. Why? I'm not too sure. I don't outright dislike it, to be fair, and as someone in the southern hemisphere's summer, it's almost nice they added in stuff I might actually wear right now. But it does stop it from looking quite as co-ordinated as it could.

The prices. 7sd is probably not something I'd ever pay for a white tee shirt, even a textured one, so that items ought to have been in sc. Otherwise, it's just not bad. Even if the starcoin items are pretty hideous,  everything is very reasonable and bordering on cheap.

What I Hated:

Seriously, the leggings look all kinds of wrong. They're bizarrely shiny (is that sweat or what?) and maybe it's my doll's shape, but they're wider than her legs, making shoe layering very tricky.

The Turquoise Swimwear. I'm sorry, but zoomed out it just looks like cheat hair on blue skin. 

That swimming cap. I really don't think this one needs explaining.

The ELEVEN STARDOLLAR UGLY SWIMMING BAG. Seriously, that belongs as some kind of 2011 freebie, not a stardollar item!

What did you think of this release?

February 12, 2018

Ugly Duckling: Carnival Hair

This time, there's not one but THREE different freebies...well, they're sort of freebies. And there's sort of three of them They come with any ss package, as part of the Carnival campaign. And they're yet again re-coloured copies of each other.

I actually really love party bobs in general, but the fact these are jewelry items and not actual, dye-able hair like Tress Up is a little frustrating. The advantage to these though is that, unlike Tress Up, they can be layered over the top of any facemasks. 

Unfortunately, I don't like the shape too much. They're a bit too bulbous and poofy. Again, being jewelry, I can make it bigger or smaller - unfortunately, while making it smaller makes it fit hats bigger, it just ends up looking wrong around the doll's face.

In suite, the green one was the best - it was the easiest for me to match with items I already owned, and while it was never an exact colour match, it worked. The purple on the other hand was nearly impossible to match with any other shades, so I ended up trying to contrast it with blue pieces. The pink wig wasn't difficult to match in terms of colour, but ultimately, I'm just not the kind of girl who really likes to wear pink in the first place.

Will you be wearing these wigs?

February 08, 2018

Trend Review: Floral Stripes

From mixing prints, to adding embroidery, or simply pairing one with the other, florals and stripes have made a matching pair in the eyes of the fashion world. It's been forever since I last wrote a trend review (and I know I say that a lot, but really, the last one was in November.)

Personally, I'm not a huge fan of either trend in real life - neither one looks flattering on me, and put together, they're undoubtedly difficult to pull off. On other people, though, I can't question that this combination can look amazing.

One good thing about this trend is the variety - from pants to glasses, shoes and blouses, there's no limit to the styles you can find with one print, the other, or both. They're also great prints for most places - work at the office, a girl's night out, even the red carpet has gotten in on this one.

Another plus is how easy it is to turn a plain striped item to a floral one - there's iron on patches, self-embroidering, and you can always just add a different item in floral. The issue is, if you do alter any items, it's very difficult to undo once the trend has passed. And printed items are essentially impossible to alter, unless you like all-white, all-bleached everything.

But, the biggest issue with stripes - especially horizontal ones - is only worsened when adding a round-shaped, floral print. That's right, they can make you look wider. That's not to say curvy girls can't wear them - seriously, enough with that rule - but that they need to be worn tactfully, so this isn't a trend you'll find suits everyone, and even if one piece does, another may not. And as someone who likes to stock up when something I love comes into fashion, that's beyond unfortunate.

I will say that this look pairs up two classics, so in the respect it won't look overly weird if you do own and wear a piece in a few years time. It's unlikely to still be on trend, but the black-and-white pieces with red or pink flowers have a less out-there style, and looks like something that could have been in someone's wardrobe five years ago too.

Rating: 6.75/10